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Alec Baldwin cradles son Rafael in Hilaria’s ‘heartbreaking’ post: ‘In so much pain’

Alec Baldwin cradles son Rafael in Hilaria’s ‘heartbreaking’ post: ‘In so much pain’

Hilaria Baldwin announces her son Rafael’s most recent trip to the Emergency Room (ER) as well as the mom-guilt that followed suit.

The expecting mother addressed her child’s broken arm in a candid Instagram post.

The 6-year-old was also featured in the post, his arm in a cast and sling, with a facemask and Alec by his side.

The post also included a lengthy caption that spoke of her mom-guilt in the moments following the news and admitted, “This is a part of being a parent that is so heartbreaking. We were with the babies when it happened and to get that call makes your heart sink.”

She recalled, “His little voice on the phone ‘I want my mommy’…knowing even the 20 min to get to him is 20 min too long.”

She also added, “To not be able to immediately take away their pain and fear…oooof nothing prepares us for this, right?”

She also recounted the entire stay and added, “We were at the hospital until pretty late and then we made a bed on our floor (wild sleeper, was afraid he might fall off our bed). How many times he called out for me last night, I do not know.”

“At one point I heard him whispering to himself, recounting what happened, saying over and over: ‘I broke my arm’. We are relieved that, while it will be a long recovery road, he is certainly on it”.

Check it out below:

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