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Amanda Bynes ‘scared’ of fiance Paul Michael: ‘Kicked him out’

Amanda Bynes has apparently kicked her fiance Paul Michael out of her house after finding out that he’s allegedly stopped his medication which ‘scared’ her.

The She’s All That star turned to Instagram Story early on Thursday to share a multi-part video in which she claimed: “Paul told me that he stopped taking his medications. I looked at his phone and he was looking at mom-and-son porn. He vandalized his mom’s home.”

Bynes added: “He broke all of her pictures and put salmon under her bed. His behaviour’s alarming, and I’m afraid of what he’ll do.”

The Easy A actress also stated that she had ‘found’ a stash of crack cocaine that belonged to Michael, and that she had kicked him out of her house.

“He’s been using for the past six months. He needs serious help. I kicked him out of my house,” Bynes claimed.

Her explosive claims were categorically denied by Michael on his own Instagram account, where he said: “Y’all gotta stop talking your s—t. … You guys don’t know anything.”

“Amanda thinks I had a stash. That’s not true. I am sober. … I’m also in pre-law class,” he added.

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