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Amazon’s $5 subscription offers unlimited prescription medications

The Amazon RxPass subscription programme was made public on January 24, 2023. — Amazon

In the US, Amazon is introducing RxPass, a brand-new drug subscription service available only to Prime subscribers.

Users will pay a $5 monthly fee to have approved prescription medications delivered to their doorstep. The Amazon RxPass subscription programme, which was made public on Tuesday, offers generic pharmaceuticals to address over 80 common medical issues, including high blood pressure, hair loss, anxiety, and acid reflux.

The $5 fee is in addition to the current monthly subscription fee for prime customers and covers the cost of delivery. 

Even if consumers fill several medications each month, the RxPass fee is fixed and does not rise. Depending on the prescription requirements, medications might be supplied either monthly or quarterly. Additionally, allergies, diabetes (without insulin), and anaemia are among the conditions covered by the programme. 

More than 150 million Americans, according to Amazon, already take one or more of the prescription drugs that RxPass offers. On the website for the Amazon pharmacy, you may get a complete list of the generic drugs that are covered by the RxPass membership.

In recent years, Amazon has introduced a number of healthcare services. In November of the previous year, the business switched over to its more recent Amazon Clinic telehealth service from its older Amazon Care telehealth programme, which was introduced in 2019. RxPass subscriptions are filled by Amazon Pharmacy, a low-cost online pharmacy available only to Prime members that opened its doors in 2020.

In most US states now, the RxPass subscription service is accessible. The expansion of the medicine list and any plans to expand the service outside of the US have not been disclosed by Amazon. While participants in government healthcare programmes such as Medicare, Medicaid, or any other are not eligible for RxPass, they may still utilise their government insurance to buy prescriptions at Amazon Pharmacy.

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