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Amber Heard ‘obviously wore the pants’ in marriage to Johnny Depp, bodyguard says

Amber Heard’s attitude towards Johnny Depp has been put on blast by the actor’s former bodyguard.

All these revelations regarding the dynamics of their marriage have been revealed by Johnny Depp’s personal bodyguard of over 20 years, Malcolm Connolly.

He began by explaining Heard’s character and demeanour, and admitted that at first “Amber was lovely, charming,” but none of that lasted.

At a certain point in the marriage “Amber started to change” and started to get a bit more feisty, demanding.”

His revelations have been made directly from Connolly’s home in Sussex, England.

Over time, these changes caused Depp to become the quieter one in the marriage, with new scratches and bruises appearing every day.

Before concluding he even admitted, “I could see that Amber wanted to wear the pants in the relationship. It was quite obvious.”

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