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Apple, Samsung and Google gearing up for the huge events of the year 2021

All 3 hardware trend setters are bucking up for their respective events that are to be held in the coming week. The whole world is in a buzz and throwing wild guesses to what the mega events are going to hold for them.

Both the tech companies, Apple and Samsung are cooking something big as they are gearing up to reveal new additions to their product lines. Google on the other hand, has already informed its audience what it has in store for them.

People are presuming what Apple is brewing up for the event, major guesses are a 27-inch iMac, an iMac mini and a 13 and 16-inch Macbook Pro. Moreover, new airpods are also expected.

Samsung, on the other hand has already introduced its foldable phones, whereas, a new S-series phone is not expected anytime soon. That leaves us with one option i.e. tablets.

Furthermore, Google, on Tuesday 10 AM is coming up with Pixel 6 addition of 2 cameras and 6 Pro with a telephoto zoom lens, while the camera bump has turned into a camera bar. Apart from this, base 6 and 6 Pro are going to have matte finish, along with a 6.4’’ display, and shinier polished surface with a 6.7’’ display, respectively.

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