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Cardi B responds to Met Gala afterparty backlash: ‘God cursed me with fame’

Cardi B, while addressing massive backlash against her performance at the Met Gala afterparty, expressed that she’s ‘sick’ of the fame.

Taking to Instagram, the 29-year-old rapper slammed the haters in a live chat, saying that she has not been hiding her true self since 2014.

“Let me tell you something. If y’all ever wish to be rich and famous don’t wish to be famous. Wish to be rich,” she said.

“I feel like God cursed me with fame… Fame is just like, urgh I hate it here,” she added.

“If I could click my (expletive) feet three times and go back to (expletive) 2013 when I was just a regular (expletive) dancing and making money every single night, that’s where I want to be.

“This whole go by the book stuff, gotta watch what you say, gotta watch what you do, this is not me, this is ridiculous. I don’t understand how I always get in trouble,” she added.

This came amidst the massive backlash sparked by a viral video in which the rapper can be seen hyping up the attendees while Billie Eilish turned towards her friend and mouthed, “This is so weird.”

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