Friday, March 24, 2023
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Chip shortage causes iPhone 13 production to slow down

The chip scarcity is causing a lot of issues in the tech industry, and now the tech leader, Apple has fallen prey to the ongoing chip crisis as well.

Due to the prolonged chip insufficiency, Apple is likely to cut down its production of the new addition of its iPhone series, i.e. iPhone 13 which was launched in September 2021.

Apple, at the start of the launch, aimed to supply 90 million units of iPhone 13, along with its variants; however, it will now be stopping at just 80 million.

TI and Brandcom are the main chip suppliers of Apple, however, the latter has been delivering its wireless components for quite a long time.

From the ongoing situation, it is apparent that Apple will no longer be able to purchase its electronics equipment in the coming days, since the chipmakers have warned all the tech companies that the industry is not recovering from the crisis anytime soon provided that the demand is constantly exceeding the supply.

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