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Harry Styles dishes on his ‘lonely’ tours

Pop star Harry Styles has recently opened up on his ‘strict bed time policy, admitting he never drinks on lonely tours.

The As It Was singer opening up to DJ Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, he shared: “I’m pretty strict on tour anyway.

“I don’t drink. I go straight to sleep and all of that kind of stuff – probably the opposite of what everyone thinks I’m doing after a show.”

“I’ll sleep like 10 or 11 hours minimum when I’m touring. It’s more the travelling that is the tiring thing.

“I kind of look at it as ‘okay for a couple of hours a night, give it everything’, then the rest of the time I’ll spend trying to take care of myself as well as I can. If I kind of cocoon and just kind of focus I can do it, ” said the 28-year-old singer.

During the interview Harry – who has been solo since One Direction went on hiatus in 2015 – also admitted to being a “control freak” when it comes to work.

He shared: “I really like making stuff and I really like coming up with ideas and collaborating. I feel really lucky the people I get to work with are really fun.

“Working is like my favourite thing to do, so based on the fact that it began as a hobby, getting to make stuff for work I feel is a real gift.

Harry, who shot to fame with One Direction at the age of just 16, said doing a show is his “favourite thing in the world”.

But he said he knows the time will come when he will eventually stop touring: “When it stops being fun, I’ll stop doing it. I wouldn’t feel good having people buy tickets.”

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