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Johnny Depp fans attack Lily-Rose for remaining silent amid Amber Heard battle

Lily-Rose Depp, the daughter of Johnny Depp, is getting attacked by fans of her father who want her to speak out and publicly support him in his ongoing defamation trial against ex-Amber Heard.

According to Page Six, 22-year-old Lily’s social media handles have been flooded by fans of her father, who demand that she break her silence about the trial that has gripped the world; Lily hasn’t posted on social media since April 11, when the trial began.

Commenting on Lily’s posts from before the trial started, many fans bombarded her comments section with the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp, while many others resorted to abusing her for ignoring the trial.

One user quoted by BuzzFeed wrote: “Please support your father. Regardless of YOUR relationship with him you know that Amber is NOT THE VICTIM. Support him please, speak up!!!!”

Other comments ranged from, “Not a single pic of your dad! What kind of human being are you?” to, “After years you will be gone and forgotten and people will only remember you as the daughter of a legendary man.”

However, many users also jumped to defend Lily from angry fans demanding she speak out, with one fan writing: “She doesn’t owe you ANYTHING and she doesn’t need to do ANYTHING… stop harassing her.”

Another user said: “Ignore the hate love. We know you support your dad, not everything has to be so public.”

Yet another comments: “Johnny would not want you all attacking his daughter. Leave her alone. She has done nothing to deserve yall attacking her. Be better humans!”

Lily-Rose is Johnny’s daughter with his ex-Vanessa Paradis. 

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