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Meghan Markle will ‘always look to connect’ to the crown to draw her ‘power’

Meghan Markle will ‘always look to connect’ to the crown to draw her ‘power’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry do not want to snub their royal ties for sustainable popularity.

Eric Schiffer, a reputation management professional, says Harry did not tell Hoda Kotb about his family to stay relevant, noting that the Duke will always be asked questions about his family.

Harry told Hoda earlier this month, that he wants to ensure that Queen is always secured and is surrounded by the ‘right people.’

The expert told “In this case I don’t think his intention was to stay relevant by talking about the Royal Family.

“He is going to get these types of questions because the press would want his insight and, with Hoda Kotb, he obliged.”

He added that Meghan and Harry generate their popularity from the royal brand name, adding it is their “their power base”.

He said: “Harry’s brand equity is largely tied to his royal DNA.

“In their brand planning, Meghan and Harry will always look for ways to connect back to the Crown because that’s their power base.

“And the press will help them because it’s hard to excise them from that because of the reality of what is in his bloodline.”

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are establishing their personal brand with their philanthropic work.

Mr Schiffer said: “He is working hard to elevate his and his wife’s personal brand through the good works they are doing as well as a laser-focus on the future generations and ensuring he is aligning with issues that matter to them.”

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