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Meghan Markle’s body language isn’t affectionate towards Harry, says expert

A body language expert has weighed in on Meghan Markle’s recent mannerisms around Prince Harry and seems to believe that the Duchess of Sussex couldn’t be less affectionate towards her husband!

Speaking on Australian show Sunrise soon after Prince Harry and Meghan kicked off the Invictus Games in the Netherlands and shared a kiss onstage, body language expert Louise Mahler noted that Meghan seemed to not return Harry’s affections.

On April 16, Harry and Meghan had appeared on stage at the games’ opening ceremony with Harry planting a kiss on his wife’s lips.

Mahler noted: “The kiss … she has all the rhetoric but none of the body language of somebody who is actually affectionate.”

“When he walked up, you would think you would lean forward and put your hands into a cuddle. Instead, she put her hands flat on his chest and stood bolt upright. He then kissed her but she pushes him away and walks off,” Express UK further quoted Mahler.

Mahler also stated that Meghan seems to have “all the affection of an alley cat — not much.”

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