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Unfortunate that a woman was involved in suicide attack: Zubaida Jalal


Member of the Balochistan Assembly Bushra Rind (left) and Member of the National Assembly Zubaida Jalal speaking during a press conference in Quetta following the attack on Chinese nationals in Karachi by a Baloch female suicide bomber. — Screengrab via YouTube 

QUETTA:  Commenting on the suicide attack on the premises of the University of Karachi that killed three Chinese nationals and a driver, Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) leader and member of the National Assembly Zubaida Jalal said it was “unfortunate that a woman was involved in a suicide attack.”

Speaking during a press conference in Quetta alongside  Parliamentary Secretary for Women Development and Climate Change Mahjabeen Sheran and member of the Balochistan Assembly from the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) Bushra Rind, Jalal expressed sorrow over the deaths of innocent people and said that the country was going through a painful phase.

“For the first time, a woman was involved in a suicide attack. This is very unfortunate,” the BAP leader said, noting that the attack would have “far-reaching implications” on the area — Kech — where she hailed from.

“She must have not even thought about that. Such incidents have occurred in the past and just like before, we will have to work together to counter them,” Jalal said.

The ex-minister for defence production lamented that “no one” had ever thought that a Baloch woman would be involved in a suicide attack, but said that the facts behind the incident would come to light once the investigation concludes.

‘Incident being used to tarnish image of Baloch nation’

BAP leader Bushra Rind said that the incident is being used to tarnish the image of the Baloch nation.

She condemned the suicide attack in the strongest terms and said that the incident was being used to give a bad name to the Baloch nation, adding that “no one will be happy with such actions”.

Rind further added that attempts were made by “external forces” to worsen the situation in Balochistan.

Speaking about the suicide bomber involved in the attack, who has been identified as Shari Baloch, Rind said that her husband was taken into custody for interrogation a day ago.

“Shari’s husband has revealed that she was mentally ill and was on medication,” Rind shared with journalists. “This incident is also an attempt to keep Baloch women away from education. I am here today to bring an end to the negative impression which is being projected against Baloch women.”

She further said that while “foreign elements” are trying hard to eradicate love and harmony from Pakistan, it would be impossible for them to succeed.

Suicide bomber ‘mentally ill’

Speaking to journalists, Mahjabeen Sheran said it was unfortunate that she and the suicide bomber hailed from the same area — Kech.

“The suicide bomber’s husband was arrested and he has admitted that she was mentally ill. It is noteworthy that she hailed from a respectable family,” Sheran said.

The lawmaker said once the probe ends, people will get to know why the woman was involved in the suicide attack. Sheran lashed out at those using women for their “cowardly act” and that they would never achieve their goals.

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